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Western PA & Eastern OH Gothic & Lolita

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1/9/14 02:03 pm - cat91151 - Facebook Group

This Livejournal is not the primary place for Pittsburgh Gothic and Lolita. The current one is called "Pittsburgh Gothic & Lolita" on Facebook. It is a closed group so you will need to be approved by a moderator before you can join.

4/25/13 09:50 pm - count_chuckula - Ohio Loli's Storm Pittsburgh

I hope this LJ forum is still active.  The Ohio EGL community is coming over for a meet.  My wife Sarha Clembys and I are hosting it off of FB https://www.facebook.com/events/249003411900467/.

The Ohio girls are anxious to meet you.  We hope you can come out.
 Sat 18th May 2013
1. Phipps Conservatory
2. Dinner at Sharp Edge
3. Shopping on Walnut Street

4/7/12 10:31 am - ginastalma - Looking for model for lolita pirate/salior photoshoot

Dead Luck Images is looking for models...I'm posting the info below...if you are interested contact me (Gina) at princess_gina1117@yahoo.com or find me on fb (Gina Stalma) I may be able to supply some transportation to those who don't have it.

PIRATE AND SAILOR / SEASIDE LOLITA GROUP PHOTOSHOOT. *will happen on May 26th or 19th. Most likely the 26th. Model outfits MUST be approved by Photographer, and Guy Thomas, Gina Stalma, and Lauren Elizabeth. They will be heading the model recruitment.

Current Model rules
1. As this will be a LOCATION SHOOT, You must be able to find transportation, or have your own transportation *Location will be finalized and approved by Photographer, and Guy, Gina, and Lauren ONLY*
2. You must supply your own outfit / approved by the above.
3. Makeup / cosmetics are REQUIRED. *Foundation / eyeshadow/ mascara.*
4. Model releases for underage models MUST be filled out and be in the photographers hands 3 days BEFORE the photoshoot. Yes you will be able to mail it in, but do not put it off.
5. Adult model releases can be filled out on location.

2/8/12 06:50 pm - cat91151 - Tekkoshocon X Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show!

The Tekkoshocon X Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show is still looking for more models! It’s easy to apply, all you have to do is fill out the application in the link and submit it! You don't have to own your own lolita clothing to model either. The application period will close on February 24th at 11:59PM, so enter today!


1/25/12 12:38 am - sunsetsovereign - EXCITEMENT!!

This is just too cool and I had to share it with some fellow Lolitas. I was shopping around the good ol' Salvation Army today and what do I find but a brand new, tags still on goth/punk vest from G.L.P!!! Not only was it in great condition buuutttt...(drum roll please)...it was $3.99!! Im just so excited and it made my day!

12/30/11 07:11 pm - lethean_reverie - Annual Museum Meet!

When? Saturday, January 21, 2012
Time? 11:30am until 2:30pm
Where? Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, 15213-4080

Our next meet-up? :3 Date can still be moved, but It can't be the same weekend as Setsucon or Katsucon or something like that @_@ Soooo basically not the last weekend of January or February! After our happy-fun-time at the museum, we'll venture down the street for some noms~ Sound good? :D

Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/339990066028992/

12/7/11 07:14 pm - piratessen - Frick Tea/House Meetup!

Lets celebrate Christmas/New Years/Miscellaneous Holidays by having one last tea meetup before 2012 comes in. We will be having tea at the Frick Cafe and will be visiting the house itself because it is supposed to be especially beautiful around Christmas time. The meetup will be on Friday 30th of December and we will be meeting in the gift shop at 11:00 AM. General admission to Clayton is $12. Student discount is $10 and if you are under 16 it's only $6. More information can be found here: http://www.thefrickpittsburgh.org/start.php

Hope to see you all there!!

11/28/11 08:28 pm - piratessen - Frick Christmas Meetup

This poll is closed.

When Should Our Meetup Be?

Tuesday, December 27th
Friday, December 30th
Thursday, December 29th
Saturday, January 7th
Sunday, January 8th
Other (post in the comments below)
Hello everyone!
Christmas break is coming up and I think that calls for celebration. Being this community that means tea. So after christmas I propose we go to the Frick for tea, visiting the house (which is supposed to be like epicly pretty at christmas), and general fun. Since breaks are short for a lot of people (and the fact that Christmas falls on a weekend this year) there aren't a lot of days we can go so just vote above for the date that works best for your schedule. Here is a link to the Frick's website in case any of you have questions http://www.thefrickpittsburgh.org/start.php

11/27/11 07:18 pm - cat91151 - International Lolita Day Pt. 2!

The most popular option was the Phipps Christmas Show, so we'll be doing that next week for International Lolita Day! We will be meeting at Phipps Conservatory on December 3rd, 2011 at 2PM. There's an event on Facebook that you can RSVP on or you can RSVP here in the comments. Wear your holiday best and I hope to see lots of you there~!

[EDIT] I will be late >.< I got scheduled to work 11-3 that day and there is no way I can switch. 

11/8/11 12:42 pm - cat91151 - International Lolita Day Meet-up!

Winter International Lolita Day is coming up in a little less than a month, so I think a meet-up is in order. What do you want to do? The date for this is going to be Saturday, December 3rd but as far as what we do, I'm open to all the suggestions!

Poll #1793432 What should we do?

What should we do?

Science Center
Waterfront Lunch and Shopping
Phipps Conservatory X-Mas Show
Other (put in the comments below!)

What should we do to celebrate?

Phipps X-mas show
Waterfront Shopping/Lunch
Science Center
Other (put in comments below!!)

I couldn't think of a bunch of options, but this is what I came up with. If you've got other ideas, put them in the comments below and I'll make a new poll closer to Thanksgiving for the final decision. Let's make this a great Intl. Lolita Day!!

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