ginastalma (ginastalma) wrote in pgh_lolita,

Looking for model for lolita pirate/salior photoshoot

Dead Luck Images is looking for models...I'm posting the info below...if you are interested contact me (Gina) at or find me on fb (Gina Stalma) I may be able to supply some transportation to those who don't have it.

PIRATE AND SAILOR / SEASIDE LOLITA GROUP PHOTOSHOOT. *will happen on May 26th or 19th. Most likely the 26th. Model outfits MUST be approved by Photographer, and Guy Thomas, Gina Stalma, and Lauren Elizabeth. They will be heading the model recruitment.

Current Model rules
1. As this will be a LOCATION SHOOT, You must be able to find transportation, or have your own transportation *Location will be finalized and approved by Photographer, and Guy, Gina, and Lauren ONLY*
2. You must supply your own outfit / approved by the above.
3. Makeup / cosmetics are REQUIRED. *Foundation / eyeshadow/ mascara.*
4. Model releases for underage models MUST be filled out and be in the photographers hands 3 days BEFORE the photoshoot. Yes you will be able to mail it in, but do not put it off.
5. Adult model releases can be filled out on location.

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