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11/3/11 08:37 pm - fruitslove

Hey guys,

I'm going to be hanging out at Phipp's this Saturday if anybody wants to join me. I live really close and just felt like going over there around noon...I don't expect anyone to show up since it's late notice, but if you live in Oakland/Shadyside/etc. and feel like having a casual lolita day that would be cool. : 3

10/24/11 09:54 pm - cat91151 - Kurokiiro Festival 2011 Fashion Show

Hi hi hello everybody~ I'm announcing officially the Kurokiiro Festival 2011 Lolita Fashion Show! The show will either be on Friday or Saturday of the Festival. We've got an hour in Main Events and a little practice time before. Due to space limitations, I think it would be best to not have anyone change this year. Once again, I'm looking to have both experienced Lolita models and ones that don't own their own Lolita clothing. So if you have any friends interested in modeling also, please let them know! Applications will close November 10th~

Apply to model here!

10/17/11 01:03 pm - taconinja08 - Observatory Canceled!

I'm canceling the Allegheny Observatory meet due to lack of interest and I've suddenly become super busy this week with school and being overwhelmed with tons of yarn (I work for my mom who owns a yarn dyeing business so... xD).

Anyways, if you were planning on coming I'm sorry! But it's just not working out. I declare this meet a fail!

Have a great week, everybody!

10/7/11 08:34 pm - taconinja08 - Observatory Meet-up

I'm probably way overdue with this post! My apologies, I've been really busy and just realized that this meet is coming up soon!

Details and such...Collapse )

10/2/11 03:04 pm - la_anna_banana - Zombie lolis? :3

Saturday, October 8th is the annual Pittsburgh zombie walk festival thingy! I'll be there in guro lolita, are there any other lolitas going? Would it be possible to organize a guro meet? :P


8/31/11 08:55 pm - taconinja08 - Allegheny Observatory Meet!

Well there was interest in the observatory idea! :D So here goes the planning!

Okay! First it looks like most people were more open to doing it in October over September. From what I can tell from the website they only do Friday nights. Plus because of what I have going on in October there's only two dates to pick from.

Pick a date that is best for you!

October 7th
October 21st
Either one works!

The tour would start at 8. Would you want to try to go to dinner somewhere close-by before?

No, the observatory is enough for me!

If we did go to dinner, do you know anywhere that's close to the observatory? If so type the name of the place below.

The website for the observatory is here: http://www.pitt.edu/~aobsvtry/

If there are any questions or concerns and such let me know :3 The tour would start at 8:00 and end at 10:00.

8/16/11 08:55 pm - taconinja08 - Seeing Stars...

Who would be interested in doing a meet-up at the Allegheny Observatory?

I was thinking we would do this sometime in September or early October. It would be on a Friday night. They do tours from 8:00 till 10:00 I think. There's no cost to get in (who can beat that?) however I would need to make reservations. Plus if we wanted to we could maybe have dinner before somewhere nearby the observatory.

I think it would be really fun. It would be a late night but I think it would be worth it. Right now I'm just seeing if people are interested in it. Then I'll start planning if enough are interested in doing this.

So... Yay/Ney?

8/8/11 12:20 pm - sunsetsovereign - Seeking some traveling help

I'll be going up to New York soon and was wondering if anyone knew of some stores that sell Lolita clothing in NYC. I heard there was a BSSB but haven't been able to find anything on that. (If there is one does anyone know if they sell Alice and the Pirates merch there??) I'm looking for anything really. It would definitely brighten up my trip.

8/3/11 08:17 pm - starberrynights - Gateway Clipper Fleet Ice Cream Social Meet Up!

Sorry everyone! Livejournal just hasn't been working right for me lately so I decided to just repost the info for the Gateway Clipper Fleet Ice Cream Social meet up so I could make sure the poll work!

The meet up for the Ice Cream Social on the Gateway Clipper Fleet will be on Sunday, August 14th.
Details here: http://www.gatewayclipper.com/cruise_detail.asp

I would like everyone to plan to meet by the ticket kiosk no later then 12:45pm since boarding is at 1:00pm. The boat departs at 1:30pm so don't be late! It returns at 3:30pm and we can do something else in Station Square if others are feeling up to it. If you have any ideas as to what please share!

The ticket cost is $16.50 and you can either buy them on the website listed above or get them once there the day of.

If you are coming, please PM me your cell phone number and I will give you mine. If you can't come last minute please let me know so we're not waiting around and worrying about you!

If you mark probably will or probably will not on the poll, please give me a final answer by Saturday, August 13th.

Can't wait to see you all there!

Poll #1766900 Gateway Clipper Fleet Ice Cream Social

So, are you coming?

Probably will (and will let you know by Saturday, August 13th)
Probably will not (and will let you know by Saturday, August 13th)

7/21/11 10:40 am - taconinja08 - Notes about the Picnic meet!

Some important details to know in case you were confused as to what's going on:


1- We are meeting in Frick Park. You can park at the corner of Beechwood Blvd. and Nicholson St. We will meet around there and locate where to settle.

2-  We are meeting at 1:00.

3- This is a potluck meet and you will need to bring some sort of food to contribute. If you bring something that needs utensils please bring the utensils needed. If you bring drinks please provide cups. I will have plates and napkins so don't worry about that.

4- If you have questions or having trouble finding us you can call me or text me at 412-965-4019

5- Don't forget to bring a blanket or lawn chair or something to sit on!

Thank you! Stay hydrated and cool (Since when did Pittsburgh get so HOT?!)  I'll see you guys Saturday! ^.^

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