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pgh_lolita's Journal

Western PA & Eastern OH Gothic & Lolita
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A community for gothic & lolita fashion centered in Pittsburgh, PA, with a focus on meet-ups.
pgh_lolita  is a community for all those near the Western Pennsylvania area who share a love of Gothic & Lolita fashion (for information about this, please check out the livejournal community Lolita Handbook.) Members plan events including (but not limited to!) visits to gardens, historical sites (most often those of the Victorian era, where Gothic Lolita fashion draws most of its inspiration), plays, Japanese culture conventions, and tea houses. Meet-ups at private residences are discouraged but not forbidden--we assume all members will use common sense and discretion; please be aware that our members have widely varying ages and transportation methods.

Introductory posts are welcomed to encourage a sense of community. Let us know a little bit about you, such as how you fell into Gothic Lolita fashion, what your other interests are, what part of the area you are from, and any other members you may know. You are welcome to ask any questions from other members about the fashion, such as where to attain it, although you are most likely to find luck with the largest on-line lolita community, also on livejournal, egl.

The rules of this community are simple. Respect for all members is required. Any and all disagreements will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the moderators, sweetsailormars, freakshownia, and cat91151 . Because this is a small community, we try to limit meet-ups to once a month, and let the majority decide on the location. However, you're welcome to invite the members to any and as many meet-ups you would like!

This is a meet-up community ONLY. Sales are not permitted in this community. If you have an item you wish to sell, or something you wish to buy, please use the EGL sales community. Any and all sales posts will be deleted. Group orders are not considered sales, however, you MUST message a moderator before making a group order post.

We now have a Facebook! Events will be cross posted from here to there.  You do not need to become a Facebook member in order to be a member of pgh_lolita  , it is only to enable those who use Facebook to plan, share photos more easily, and also to keep those who do not have Livejournal involved in the Pittsburgh Gothic & Lolita scene.

Remember, this community is for the area centered around Pittsburgh. The community pa_lolita  is for all of Pennsylvania. It is fine to cross-post from here to there, but please make sure that a meetup posted from there to here is within a reasonable distance from Pittsburgh.

Welcome, and enjoy!